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Next generation solutions for consumer-based health, care and beyond.

From the team that brought you the first IOT of healthcare solutions

Enabling new, smart health technology that is better connected, light, wearable, and eventually disappearable.

Throughout the development of our digital health platform, the Life365 team has created a unique IP portfolio that provides benefit to the healthcare industry and beyond.

Life365 has significant granted patents and pending applications in the area of light, economic, efficient and intelligent Wearables, Patches and Sensors. These are extremely beneficial in connecting patients and providers beyond traditional points of care, touching large populations of under engaged members, and gaining insights from cost effective data across a broader population of consumers in order to drive analytics and AI systems in a wide range of market sectors.


A look into our toolbox of solutions

LifeConnect Band

The LifeConnect Band is a different kind of wearable – we call it a “Careable." We have embedded this wearable with a combination of sensors and multiple wireless radios to effectively help keep individuals connected to their care providers, in a light - but engaging manner. Collecting behavioral and physical data and driven by AI at a fraction of the cost of expensive smart watches.

LifeConnect - Key Differences 1

LifeOS Lean Operating System

Development of the LifeConnect Band led to the creation of LifeOS – a Lean Operating System that highly optimizes very small processors without Memory Management Units (MMU). This allows for wearable devices, sensors and patches to perform a variety of functions minimal battery life – reducing size and cost.

LifeConnect - Key Differences 2


PillDrill is a smart medication tracking system that simplifies the task of self management in everyday pill taking. PillDrill is easy to use, adapts seamlessly to any medication routine, and works whether a person manages their own pill regimen or that of a loved one.

What is pilldrill video cover


AffirmXH a non-invasive continuous monitoring biosensor and a new member in our line of partners and sensors that is targeted towards detecting signs of infection, infertility, and infant care. The AffirmXH boasts a 6-month battery life, with skin temperature, heart rate and HRV.

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Key differentiators that provide a leading edge

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Cloud Connected
AI Driven

The LifeConnect™ Band is driven by Our Personalyze™ Machine Learning / AI system that takes insights gathered from a variety of data points to drive ongoing solution alignment / better user engagement.

LeanOS Saves Size,
Power, and Cost

Our Life OS™ economically connects smaller, lighter – even disposable solutions – to provide the biggest bang for the buck across a broad array of connected solutions in wide range of industries.

Cloud Connected
Rapid Diagnostics

The LifeConnect™ Band and Life OS™ are ideal to provide economic connectivity to the next generation of intelligent rapid diagnostic devices and strips.

Watch the
LifeConnect demo

Check out a demonstration of the LifeConnect “Careable.” Watch a prototype communicate to Rapid Diagnostics with a Near-Field (NFC) technology, sending the data to the cloud, from a disposable rapid diagnostic test strip. Also see the same tech used to record time and attendance for clinical and non-clinical employee servicesd. LifeConnect’s NFC can also be used to pair OEM Medical devices, sensors and patches to the band via bluetooth.

LifeConnect Products & Partners

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Good things come
in small packages

Wearables are almost becoming Disappearables! The next generation of Remote Patient Monitoring needs to be small, cost-effective, cloud connected, have a long battery life and driven by Artificial Intelligence. Meet the AffirmXH a non-invasive continuous monitoring biosensor and a new member in our line of partners and sensors that is targeted towards detecting signs of infection, as well as fertility and infant care. With applications in Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing, Community Based Care, Discharge Surveillance and more. The AffirmXH has a 6 month battery life, with Skin Temperature, Heart Rate and HRV. Stand alone or combined with the LifeConnect Band, this becomes a very powerful tool for helping with Hospital avoidance with connected AI driven monitoring.

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Recognized innovators with a proven track record

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