Welcome to LifeConnect,

LifeConnect began in 2006. It was created to help Internet users improve the current level of Internet Privacy available to them on them online. LifeConnect is a Private Online Communication environment. Web 2.0

You create your own private social network. You, or someone in the group, must invite others personally with a secured email invitation after you sign-up. You share privately online, your messages, documents, files, photos, videos and more. Anyone in the group can share.

Most all websites are not private. MySpace.com and YouTube.com are not great examples of privacy. Unsecured and open websites are visible to anyone in the world with a computer and Internet access, that's a fact. Always be selective of what you say and post online here at LifeConnect, but even more so on Unsecured and open websites.

As the account creator only YOU can decide to block someone, one click. Period. Hopefully you won’t need it. It is my sincere hope that LifeConnect.com allows you to communicate more clearly online with the one's in your Life that matter most!

James Hart, CEO
LifeConnect.com, Inc.™
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For your protection:
Violations of Federal or State Law should be reported to the IC3  Internet Crime Complaint Center. The IC3 is a partnership between the FBI, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the National White Collar Crime Center, NW3C.
You the user are the most important field resource for identifying Internet abuse.

Click here to locate registered sex offenders.